Free Hero Rotation (May 22): Try Tony, Fortress, Petal & more!


Tony is a dwarven brawler who taunts and pummels enemies. Lock down your opponents to help your team land devastating wombo combos, or use his abilities in quick succession to deal massive damage.



This Halcyon Well guardian is a snarling, frightening sight in the jungle. He stalks prey, closes in with teammates, flanks targets and creates challenging, multi-front confrontations. Start Fortress in the jungle, stay near your allies and bite and claw your way to kills.



Petal commands a flock of Bramblethorn Pets known as “munions” that she uses to swarm her enemies from long range. She excels at long, sustained fights where damage from her small army really adds up. She can even single-handedly take out important objectives such as the Gold & Minion Mines.



Gwen moves swiftly across the map, picking off enemies from a distance. She can shake off negative effects inflicted by her enemies, turning the tables in her favor. Gwen is best played in the lane where she can earn gold and gear up for big fights.



Varya is an electric valkyrie who devastates enemies by chaining together her abilities to deliver massive damage. Call upon her ultimate, Anvil’s Hammer, to unleash a series of lightning strikes on every enemy hero, no matter where they are on the map.



Lorelai is a hero who controls the flow of teamfights with her heroic perk, That’s Swell. Lorelai can be flexed into any role, but she’s best played as a backline support and will struggle against quick, hard engages.


The free hero rotation unlocks six heroes each week to play as long and as much as you want in the Casual & Ranked queue. It’s an opportunity to test drive heroes before using ICE or Glory to unlock them.

Jump into the Fold now with this group of great heroes!

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