Try Joystick Controls in Update 3.3

Virtual joystick controls are coming to Vainglory soon. You’ll have a chance to try joystick in Early Access as part of Update 3.3.

The keywords to keep in mind here are Early Access. While joystick controls will be available for everyone to experience, things may not work exactly as intended. You may encounter bugs or find that joystick is just not your thing. There are plenty of things that might not be quite right yet and that’s fine. If you’re not feelin’ it, switch back to touch controls at anytime in game.

Please give joystick controls a try. We’re counting on your feedback to squash bugs and help make improvements before its Summer launch debut in Update 3.4.

Enable/disable joystick controls at anytime in-game. Alternatively, select your preferred control scheme by tapping on the new settings menu on the home screen.

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